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New: PMC OneFire Sterling Posted on August 26, 2016

Coming soon.. The super-strength PMC you have been waiting for! 

Available to pre-order now. Delivery from Friday 9th September.

PMC OneFire Sterling is a complimentary product to PMC Flex created using the same unique binder which allows a much longer working time compared to any other type of metal clay. Once fired in a kiln, the silver feels very much like traditional wrought or cast sterling silver. It consists of pure silver, binder, water and 4% copper. This means it easily meets minimum UK hallmarking standards for sterling silver (.925) once fired.

PMC OneFire Sterling is available as lump clay in 22.5 g (20g net) and 50.6g (45g net) packs. Paste is easily made in a matter of minutes by adding a little water to wet/dry lump clay in an old PMC3 paste pot. Aim for a thin yogurt consistency. 


  • Considerably stronger than any other type of PMC; feels and handles like wrought or cast sterling silver
  • Brighter, whiter silver once fired compared to PMC3 and PMC Flex
  • Long working time; in tests we rolled the clay 15-18 times without cracking
  • Easily made into smooth paste – ideal for leaf and organic painting projects
  • Joins with minimal effort
  • Firmer texture compared to PMC Flex means it is easily manipulated/sculpted by hand and cut without dragging using a needle tool or safety cutter
  • Takes great detail – ideal for fingerprint jewellery
  • Easily carved
  • Can be combined with PMC3 Syringe and paste
  • Smooth texture of the clay means much reduced refining/sanding is required
  • No firescale (no need to place in safety pickle or Picklean)
  • Quickly polishes up
  • Takes antiquing solutions, such as Platinol well
  • Easily soldered
  • High silver content means it easily meets UK hallmarking standards for sterling silver

Read our free fact sheet to find out more.

by Helen Forder

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Alison Clements on On 08/27 at 10:39 AM

I’d love to do a workshop with the PMC one fire sterling to try it out with assistance.

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