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Handy syringe tips...

The PMC3 syringe type clay has many uses. Not only can you use it to write and decorate but is is also a great paste alternative. The syringe has a completely different binder compared to the paste which means that it has less water and is more viscous. This makes it ideal to fill small gaps and joints both before and after firing. In fact, you can use it to repair ANY type of fired PMC.

Here are some useful tips for the summer;


Once opened there is no need to store it back in the pouch. Simple leave the pink syringe tip on after use and store it in a jar of water. You can leave it there as long as you like...

Syringe tips

The pink syringe tip that comes with the syringe is ideal for fine detail work. However, you can change the size and angle of the tip by cutting it with a pair of scissors. Soon you will have a collection of various shaped and sized tips..

Getting the most out of your syringe 

Don't throw away your old syringe. An empty syringe is perfect for getting any unused clay from your syringe tip. This means you can change syringe tip without wasting any clay :-)

by Helen O'Neill , under   pmc3  silver clay syringe  syringe  syringe tip