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Camp PMC UK & Europe is here!

Camp PMC has launched in UK and Europe - click here to find out more! Training dates to follow

by julie holt

New training programme coming soon

2020 has been a very strange year for many of us, forcing us look at how we need to adapt to suit the ‘new normal’, whilst providing an opportunity to reflect on what we would like to focus on and achieve going forward.  This has also been the case for The PMC Studio.

Although we have been a bit quiet, we have been remarkably busy behind the scenes during the past 6 months.  Moving forward The PMC Studio will be focusing on our passion and key strengths, helping our customers achieve more with PMC through the delivery of high-quality training and support

by julie holt

New Website Coming Soon

We are working on a new website which means we are currently unable to take orders online. We look forward welcoming you back soon.
by Bold Apps

Its now even easier to get started with PMC

Visit our new Getting Started section where you will find a great range of great value PMC tools to help you get started. These include spacer and roller sets (for rolling the clay to the correct thickness), Olive oil dispensers (to stop the clay sticking) polishing kits and our new Beginners Ring Making Kit.
by Bold Apps

Templates for precious metal clay

This week we have some great offers on template for precious metal clay. Choose from a range of stunning orchids or our Hippy Hearts. Now only £2 each whilst stocks last.
by Bold Apps

Enamelling on PMC Silver

Tips on enamelling on silver clay. Transparent enamels work really well to enhance the natural colour of silver. Here are some of our favourite tips:

1)  Fire PMC as high as possible to create a dense structure to enamel on. 

2)  Once fired, quench the pieces by dipping them into water to remove the heat, brush with a steel brush to begin the polishing process then finish by tumbling for two hours - this will harden the silver and prepare the surface for enamelling. Once finished rinse well with water and to retain and clean enamelling surface do not touch it.

3) Your enamel powders may be pre-washed but to ensure the best results you should wash your enamels prior to use.

Put a small scoop of enamel into a dish and *add distilled water - swill and pour off the cloudy water. Repeat from * until the water runs clear.

4) Prepare the Kiln

Run your kiln on a PMC Fast programme 900 C for 10 minutes. You can repeat the programme as needed.

5) Add the wet enamel to your desired areas of texture using the the small brush. Allow this to dry completely on top of the kiln - it will look consistently lighter in colour.

6) Place into an orange glowing kiln then wait for the enamel to shine over. It will go through various stages..darken and look peel texture..then it will become shiny.

7) Remove and leave to cool naturally. Apply more enamel if needed repeating from **. Work on one piece at a time

by Helen Forder

Happy Valentine's Day

Everyone needs a little love in their life and our curved heart cutters are no exception. This little set is so versatile you'll use them time and time again. The larger size cutters are ideal for making fingerprint charms and pendants. Use the smallest sized cutter to make pretty heart shaped holes in your pendants or how about creating pretty stud earrings with the next size up? 

This set of four cutters will be on offer all Valentine's weekend at half price whilst stocks last. RRP is £13.75 now only £6.87 for the set of 4. Available whilst stocks last. .

by Bold Apps , under   valentines

Make your own Keepsake Jewellery with our Hand and Foot/paw printing kit

Now on offer at only £9.99 your Hand and Foot/paw printing kit contains 10 x papers, 8 x inkless wipes and full instruction. To use simply rub the inkless invisable ink wipes over the hand/foot/paw and press down onto the paper included in the kit. The paper will react to the (harmless) chemicals in the wipe and create the black outline. Each sheet of paper comes with a reminder printed on it on which side to use. Tip: for pets and footprint you can also place the paper on the floor and get the person/pet to stand on it - much easier!  

Once you have made the print scan this into your computer and use a programme like Photoshop to clean up the image - making is crisp and clear. At this point reduce the size of the image to the size you wish to use into your PMC. Print out your crisp and reduced image onto acetate. Use The PMC Studio Photopolymer Kit to produce your re-usable stamp for the clay. The PMC Studio also sells photopolymer refills for further projects. 

by Helen PMC

50% off all Creative Bronze Clay

All our Creative Bronze Clay is now half price! This means a pack of 20g clay is now only £3.31, 50g is £6.23 and our bumper 100g pack only £10.40. This clay can be fired in a kiln on an open shelf with kiln pillow (no carbon required) and small pieces can be fired with a torch. You will find our free fact sheet in the product description online.
by Bold Apps

PMC Extended Certification

We will be running our most popular PMC Certification Module - Module 1 The Naturals on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September in Buckinghamshire. This two day course is a great way to challenge yourself and is suitable for anyone who has done a beginners course, worked with a different type of silver clay or looking for a refresher course. This intensive course will cover the following techniques: 
  1. Natural materials - Use a leaf or a pod to create a stunning pendant.
  2. Textured pendant - Includes creating your own mould and gemstone setting.
  3. Glass pendant - Learn to set a glass cabochon in PMC and fire allowing for shrinkage.
  4. Band ring - Learn how to make a strong, durable ring.
  5. Toggle clasp - Create a feature two part clasp.
  6. Domed bead - Make a hollow bead using dry construction techniques.

To book email or call 07377 535595.

by Bold Apps
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