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PMC Flex

PMC Flex is the most advanced form of silver clay on the market. It has a long working time making it ideal for beginners, complex projects or delicate work. Even when dry this clay remains flexible, making it ideal for making rings.The increased flexibility also means it is great for creating thin strips, coils and sculptural pieces.

It can be fired with a torch or in a kiln, shrinks approx. 10% and can be hallmarked as Fine Silver (.999).

Like PMC3 it can be combined with gemstones, glass and ceramics. 

Drying: Dry a little bit longer than PMC3 - 10 minutes longer in a dehydrator than PMC3. (You can also use your kiln on the drying setting or programme it to run at 150C.)

Torch firing: heat the piece until the binder has burnt off and maintain the pale orange glow for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Kiln firing: 

Mixed media firing: 600C/45 minutes (use this for glass, ceramics and natural gemstones)

Fast firing: 700C/10 minutes (PMC Flex on its own and/or fireproof gemstones)

Firing for extra strength: 800C/30 minutes (recommended)

PMC Flex can be soldered, pickled and enameled like any other type of PMC.