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How to use your tumbler polisher

Tumbling your silver will give it a high shine and compact the silver making it stronger and more durable. Ideally all heavy wear items such as rings should be tumbled for a couple of hours.

The Lortone tumbler is an effective way of achieving this high shine with little effort. The rubber drum means it only makes a gentle humming noise. The wing nut on the side of the drum enables quick and easy access with the knowledge that the lid is secure.

For optimum results empty all 450grams of mixed stainless steel shot, available from The PMC Studio, into the drum. The shot consists of three different shapes which work together to get into most places.

  1. When using your tumbler for the very first time it is best to harden the rubber drum before inserting any of your Precious Metal Clay pieces. Simply run the tumbler 2 or 3 times for an hour with only the stainless steel shot and soap. When the water is no longer black you can start to use it with your Precious Metal Clay.
  2. Fire and brush you silver piece with a stainless steel brush to smooth the white fired finish. This will significantly speed up the tumbling process.
  3. Place the stainless steel shot into the tumbler with your Precious Metal Clay Items and cover with enough water so that it is level with the shot. Add approximately half a teaspoon of tumbler soap. Tumble for at least 1 hour. The longer you tumble your pieces for, the better the shine.

The tumbler can be stored between uses with a little tumbler soap, the shot covered with water and the lid on. Leave the drum in an upright position until the next use.

Additional tumbler soap and stainless steel shot can be ordered from The PMC Studio at

Hints and Tips

  • Dry the outside of your drum before placing it on the rollers. This way it won’t slip.
  • Note that only one roller moves the other is driven by the drum itself.
  • Tumble similar sized and weighted items together i.e.  don't tumble delicate sheet work with heavy cabochon pieces!