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More free clay and improved firing of PMC3

More PMC3 Promotional Packs have arrived. Buy 55g of clay and get 6g FREE. These are now available to order on-line or by calling 01494 774428.

NEW PMC3 firing schedule for extra strength. When firing PMC there is always the pay off between the level of shrinkage and strength. Naturally you want your precious metal to be as strong as possible but at the same time you don't want it to shrink. Firing at a higher temperature means that the particles fuse together more densely making it stronger but this also means it shrinks more as the space between the particles is reduced.

After extensive testing we have found that the optimum firing schedule for PMC is 800C for 30 minutes. Not only will this make your PMC3 stronger than firing on the PMC3 Fast programme (700C/10 minutes) but it will only shrinkage 12-15% compared to 10-12%. Try it, you will find that it really makes a difference for high wear items and rings.


by Helen O'Neill , under   firing  pmc3  shrinkage