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Firing Precious Metal Clay (PMC) 

Firing is one of the most important aspects of working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). As PMC is made up almost entirely of pure silver particles items can be polished even though they have not been fired. The only way you will find out is when the piece breaks whilst it is being worn.

PMC will always look white once fired as this is its natural state. By polishing ie, smoothing the surface the PMC will gain its silver colour. The more you polish the brighter the silver will look. 


The PMC Studio offers a special Kiln Firing Service for anyone who has an item of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) or Creative Metal Clay (Copper and Bronze) that needs to be kiln fired.

Creative Copper or Creative Bronze clays will be Pickled in our Picklean solution after firing. If you would like them tumbled in Picklean for added shine and removal of fire-scale please state this in your letter accompanying your pieces.

Using our service

Please download our form here

To use this service securely package your items and post to:

Kiln Firing Service, The PMC Studio, 87 New Road, Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5QT

We recommend sending items via Royal Mail Special Delivery so that items are insured and traceable.

Your items will be return within 2-4 working days of receipt.

Whilst all care will be taken with any items received, please note that The PMC Studio will not be held responsible for any breakages or damage either upon receipt, during firing, pickling, tumbling or whilst in transit.


Pieces the size and thickness of a 50 pence piece can be torch fired. Gently heat the piece, wait for the binder to burn off and the piece to glow a pale orange. Once the piece glows orange, continue for a minimum of two minutes and keep the whole piece heated evenly. If your piece starts to look silver on the surface you are in danger of melting your silver. Pull the torch up.

Once fired, quench in a cup of water to strengthen the metal. Please note applies to items that are made of PMC only. PMC items containing gemstones, glass or ceramics need to be left to cool.

Items that can be torch fired should be no larger or thicker than a 50 pence piece.It may contain fireproof gemstones.  


A kiln suitable for PMC needs to have a temperature control as the kiln needs to maintain the correct temperature for a minimum of 10 minutes.

The Evenheat Pro-Set Kiln is recommended for firing any type of PMC as well as ArtClay. This this kiln can also be used for glass fusing, glass slumping and enamelling. You do not need to programme this kiln as the programmes are set in the factory.

Items that need to be fired in a kiln are items:

  • larger or thicker than a 50 pence piece 
  • 3D objects e.g. box shapes 
  • contain natural gemstones 
  • contain glass 
  • contain ceramics 
  • contain natural materials e.g. pods, leaves and paper 

Kiln Firing Temperatures and Times

General Metal Clay Firing Programme:


22K Gold & Creative Bronze Clay*




30 Mins


*Wrap bronze clay in kiln pillow

PMC3 w/glass/ceramics/natural gems


45 Mins


PMC Sterling - 1st fire


30 Mins


PMC Sterling – 2nd fire


90 Mins

Place in carbon

Creative Copper Clay


30 Mins

Wrap in kiln pillow


Torch Firing PMC3, PMC Flex, PMC+ and 22K Gold

Pieces the size and thickness of a 50p piece can be fired with a butane gas torch. Place the item on a torch block. Gently heat the piece, wait for the binder to burn off and the piece to glow a pale orange. Once it is glowing time for a minimum of 2 minutes (5mins for PMC+, 7mins for 22K gold), keeping the whole piece heated throughout.

Once fired, PMC can be hallmarked as Fine Silver (.999) at any of the independent UK Assay Offices. 

Birmingham Assay Office

Edinburgh Assay Office:

London Assay Office:

Sheffield Assay Office:

Please note items of silver weighing less than 7.78g and  items of gold weighing less than 1g are exempt from hallmarking. This means they can legally be sold without being hallmarked. The silver/gold weight on the packs of will help you calculate the weight of your fired pieces.