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Cool cufflinks for Father's Day

Treat your dad with a pair of cool cufflinks with a handwritten name or message this June.

To make this special gift you will only need a small pack of PMC3 and pair of cufflink backs which cost no more than £20 in total. Here is how to make them.

  • Rub a little badger balm on your hands to stop the clay from sticking.
  • Place the clay on a piece of Teflon and use a par of 1.5mm spacers and a roller to roll out the clay.
  • Create the tops of the cufflinks by cutting out the shape with a (circle) cutter. Remember to make them slightly larger than the cufflink back to allow for the 10-12% shrinkage.
  • Leave to dry completely.
  • Write your name/message using a pencil and follow with am engraving tool. (This can be found in the 'finger and handprinting' section of our web shop).
  • Fire with a torch for at least 2 minutes or place in a kiln at 800C for 30 minutes. 
  • Hand polish using a stainless steel brush and agate burnisher or place in a tumbler for 2 hours with some water and 1/3-1/2 teaspsoon of tumbler soap.
  • Attach the cufflink backs using strong glue or two part expoxy.


         Please note the office will be closed on Friday 13th June

by Helen O'Neill , under   cufflinks  engraving in PMC  father's day  project