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PMC Certification Programme

We are proud to offer the PMC Studio Certification Programme, the only training programme supported by The Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. We have been teaching this programme for 15 years. We think this intense training programme remains the best way to to achieve a solid foundation in metal clay skills, whether you are looking to make for pleasure or business. If you are looking for a challenge and want to really expand your PMC skills this is the programme for you. 

The cost of each Module is £360 plus clay.

Module 1 - Naturals

This module looks at using the natural, clay like Properties of Precious Metal Clay and combining them with natural, organic materials such as leaves, twigs & pods.

  • Natural materials - Use a leaf or pod to create a stunning pendant.
  • Textured pendant - Includes creating your own moulds and simple gemstone setting.
  • Glass pendant - Learn to set a glass cabochon in PMC and fire allowing for the shrinkage.
  • Band ring – Learn how to make a strong, durable ring with PMC Flex.
  • Toggle clasp - Create a two part toggle clasp
  • Domed bead - Make a hollow bead using dry construction techniques. Can also be worn as a pendant.

Module 2 - High finish

This module is about achieving a professional finish.

Learn the tricks of the trade to achieve this all of the time on all work.

  • Japanese enamels - An introduction to using fine Japanese hot enamels.
  • High shine mirror finish - Learn to polish your PMC so you can see your own reflection in your work.
  • Ring with bezel setting - Create a silver bezel in PMC to create a setting for items that cannot be fired.
  • Ceramics - Combine PMC Flex with bisque to create a beautiful solid decorated bead.
  • Ceramics - Combine ready fired ceramics with PMC.
  • Colour effects - Learn to create different finishes using liver of sulphur and platinol.

Module 3 - Innovative design

This module is about Incorporating new elements into your PMC.

  • Photopolymer textured pendant with 24K gold - Make your own photopolymer stamps and discover the Korean technique of Keum Boo.
  • Syringe drawing - Master the syringe to create intricate, detailed designs that are structurally sound.
  • Quilling - Learn this unusual technique using PMC+ sheet.
  • Chain making - Make strong textured chain with PMC Flex.
  • Ring with natural gemstone set in PMC - Enhance your rings with a natural gemstone.
  • Silver earrings – Combine PMC with Sterling Silver without soldering.