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Handy syringe tips...

The PMC3 syringe type clay has many uses. Not only can you use it to write and decorate but is is also a great paste alternative. The syringe has a completely different binder compared to the paste which means that it has less water and is more viscous. This makes it ideal to fill small gaps and joints both before and after firing. In fact, you can use it to repair ANY type of fired PMC.

Here are some useful tips for the summer;


Once opened there is no need to store it back in the pouch. Simple leave the pink syringe tip on after use and store it in a jar of water. You can leave it there as long as you like...

Syringe tips

The pink syringe tip that comes with the syringe is ideal for fine detail work. However, you can change the size and angle of the tip by cutting it with a pair of scissors. Soon you will have a collection of various shaped and sized tips..

Getting the most out of your syringe 

Don't throw away your old syringe. An empty syringe is perfect for getting any unused clay from your syringe tip. This means you can change syringe tip without wasting any clay :-)

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Get your PMC to glow in the dark..

Torch firing is one of the great benefits of working with PMC3. Its quick, easy and can be repeated many times. However, there are so many descriptions of what the clay should look like during firing that it can become confusing. Not enough heat and your piece does not sinter or too much heat and your piece will melt into a silver puddle! To show what that perfect 'alien orange' glow should look like I have posted some pictures on our facebook page. If in doubt fire in a dark room and the glow will be even better to see :-)
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Jigsaw Bracelet Project

Free Project to print off and keep.

Make a statement with this chunky bracelet. The links are made using our jigsaw cutter. There is no need for any calculations as the links are joined together through a series of jump rings. These enable you to adjust the length of the bracelet to fit your wrist.



Pack of 27.8g of PMC3, 1.5mm spacers and roller, Teflon sheet, paintbrush and water, badger balm, texture mat, Jigsaw cutter, hand drill, sandpaper, 7 or 9mm jump rings and a clasp

You will also need a plastic drinking cup or glass (or similar) to dry the links over, firing and polishing tools


  • Roll the clay out on a piece of Teflon using the spacers and roller
  • Rub some badger balm on the texture mat and press firmly into the clay
  • Use the jigsaw cutter to cut out as many pieces as you can
  • Roll the clay out again taking care you roll it in a shape similar to the jigsaw cutter to create the final and fourth shape.
  • Use a damp paintbrush and a little water to smooth the edges.
  • Lay the glass on its side and rub with some badger balm. This will allow you to re-position the clay whilst wet.
  • Lay the links over the side of the glass to create a slight curve and leave to dry completely.  
  • Drill a hole at either end of each link to allow you to connect the links with the jump rings once fired. Sand any rough edges if needed.

Kiln firing: Fire at 700C for 20 mins. This can be done by running the PMC3 Fast Programme twice.

Torch firing: Fire each link individually. Lay on a piece of kiln pillow to support the link. Heat the piece until it glows a pale orange. Start your timer and fire for about 3 minutes.

Polishing by hand: Support each link on a rubber block and use a stainless steel brush and agate burnisher to polish, 

Polishing in a tumbler: Place in the barrel with 1/3 -1/2 teaspoon of tumbler soap. Cover the piece with water and tumble for 2 hours. 

Assembling the bracelet

Us a pair of jewellery pliers and jump rings to connect the links together. 



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More free clay and improved firing of PMC3

More PMC3 Promotional Packs have arrived. Buy 55g of clay and get 6g FREE. These are now available to order on-line or by calling 01494 774428.

NEW PMC3 firing schedule for extra strength. When firing PMC there is always the pay off between the level of shrinkage and strength. Naturally you want your precious metal to be as strong as possible but at the same time you don't want it to shrink. Firing at a higher temperature means that the particles fuse together more densely making it stronger but this also means it shrinks more as the space between the particles is reduced.

After extensive testing we have found that the optimum firing schedule for PMC is 800C for 30 minutes. Not only will this make your PMC3 stronger than firing on the PMC3 Fast programme (700C/10 minutes) but it will only shrinkage 12-15% compared to 10-12%. Try it, you will find that it really makes a difference for high wear items and rings.


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Free Silver Clay

Today we have launched our incredible FREE PMC Silver promotion. This limited offer allows you to get an amazing 61.1g of clay instead of 55g - 6.1grams of FREE clay. This works out at only £1.39 per gram.

PMC is not only the strongest and most durable of Fine Silver clays, but also has the lowest shrinkage of only 10 per cent during firing. This means you get even more for your money. Once fired,this super sized pack will give you 55g of Fine Silver which can be hallmarked as .999 at any UK Assay Office.

These packs are available to order on-line or by calling us now on 01494 774428. As stocks are limited we are also taking pre-orders - so make sure you don't miss out!


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