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Fire your PMC Silver Clay safely with our fibre coated kiln shelves Posted on April 07, 2019

An even heat distribution is important when firing your silver clay especially at kiln firing temperatures and times come down.  
Safely kiln fire your PMC pieces on this 178 x 178 x 12.7mm kiln shelf. Made of durable coated hard fibre these are long lasting use. Ideally suited for Evenheat and Paragon kilns. Recommended use: place on kiln posts when using a single shelf to fire. To fire a larger number of items; place one shelf on the floor of the kiln and place a kiln post in each corner of the shelf. Place the second shelf on top of the kiln posts making sure that the pyrometer (at the back of the kiln) remains clear. This will enable you to fire up to 50 small items at once! Use kiln tongs to safely insert/remove your kiln shelf.
Please remember to run the shelf through the kiln prior to using it with PMC to burn off any of the chemical residue used to coat the shelf. Any of the higher temperature programmes will work. There may be a faint chemical smell during firing.
by Helen PMC

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