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Enamelling on PMC Silver Posted on February 17, 2020

Tips on enamelling on silver clay. Transparent enamels work really well to enhance the natural colour of silver. Here are some of our favourite tips:

1)  Fire PMC as high as possible to create a dense structure to enamel on. 

2)  Once fired, quench the pieces by dipping them into water to remove the heat, brush with a steel brush to begin the polishing process then finish by tumbling for two hours - this will harden the silver and prepare the surface for enamelling. Once finished rinse well with water and to retain and clean enamelling surface do not touch it.

3) Your enamel powders may be pre-washed but to ensure the best results you should wash your enamels prior to use.

Put a small scoop of enamel into a dish and *add distilled water - swill and pour off the cloudy water. Repeat from * until the water runs clear.

4) Prepare the Kiln

Run your kiln on a PMC Fast programme 900 C for 10 minutes. You can repeat the programme as needed.

5) Add the wet enamel to your desired areas of texture using the the small brush. Allow this to dry completely on top of the kiln - it will look consistently lighter in colour.

6) Place into an orange glowing kiln then wait for the enamel to shine over. It will go through various stages..darken and look surgary..orange peel texture..then it will become shiny.

7) Remove and leave to cool naturally. Apply more enamel if needed repeating from **. Work on one piece at a time

by Helen Forder

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