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Getting your tumbler polisher moving again Posted on April 29, 2014

The single barrel tumbler takes a total weight of 3lbs. This includes the weight of the barrel, the shot, soap, water and items being polished. However, in a busy workshop it is easy to get carried away and overload the barrel. To get your barrel moving again you can stretch the belt inside the tumbler (provided you have not overstretched it). To see how this is done go to our Facebook page where I have taken pictures of the inside of the tumbler (showing the belt) and the outside nuts which you can move.

My tips for getting the best results dorm your tumbler:

Buy a good rubber barrel - it won't leak

Use good quality mixed stainless steel shot (it will last for ever if you strain it with a simple plastic strainer when you change the water)  

Use tumbler soap - this keeps your shot and barrel in tip top condition and adds shine to your silver.

Only use enough (warm) water to cover the shot and your silver pieces.

Happy polishing. post any questions or pictures on our Facebook page and we will answer them.

by Helen O'Neill , under   polishing  stainless steel shot  tumbler

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