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Mary Varilly


PMC Instructor

Location: Ireland

My silver clay journey...

The beautiful work of Dublin-based Laragh McMonagle made me want to create in pure silver: her wonderful oyster shells with pearls, sea urchins with enamel, her mermaids and whales! Back in 2010 after a weekend introductory course, I ordered my Paragon SC2, my spacers and PMC and dived in! When Bronze Clay came along, I added that to my repertoire. Masterclasses in the UK followed to challenge me to develop, and I met many supportive clayers who shared my passion! Along the way I added in traditional jewellery-making skills which helped me further refine the work with clays. And I began to offer workshops for my traditional skills friends so they too could explore the amazing creative possibilities of the metal clays…

Favourite silver clay technique…

Using the silver clay with silicon moulds I make myself, for personalised rosary beads (another string to my business bow!) I can adapt medals of various saints to create otherwise unavailable 3-link rosary centres; and the photopolymer plate creation and tearaway techniques for original but repeatable designs. I am a great believer in creating unique elements in silver clay and making them repeatable through lost-wax casting.

What excites me most about silver clay...

I love how it lends itself to sculptural and textured work and how, with a little bit of attention to detail in refining, very beautiful pieces can be created without expensive tools and processes; and I love passing on that excitement to those who come to learn from me!

How to get in touch with Mary:



Address: Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, IRELAND

Phone: +35 3879068482