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Lisa Johnson


PMC Instructor

Location: UK, Hampshire

My silver clay journey...

I took my first workshop at a local adult education college, where I now teach, I loved it and realised I had finally found my medium!   I practiced and booked more workshops.  I taught a few friends and realised I wanted to teach.  I took my Art Clay diplomas as well as my PMC qualifications.  I also took my Award in training and Education in 2021 to help me with my teaching. I am continully adding to my skills all the time.

 Favourite silver clay technique…

I love making little accents such as flowers, butterfly, shells, leaves etc to add to a design and creating little worlds within a small piece of jewellery. 

 What excites me most about silver clay...

The pure alchemy of silver clay - taking a piece of clay and turning it into solid silver is just magic!  The possibilities of what you can create with it are endless and so exciting!

How to get in touch with Lisa:



Address: Kings Sombourne, Hampshire

Phone: +44 7796 175875