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Make your own Keepsake Jewellery with our Hand and Foot/paw printing kit Posted on January 13, 2020

Now on offer at only £9.99 your Hand and Foot/paw printing kit contains 10 x papers, 8 x inkless wipes and full instruction. To use simply rub the inkless invisable ink wipes over the hand/foot/paw and press down onto the paper included in the kit. The paper will react to the (harmless) chemicals in the wipe and create the black outline. Each sheet of paper comes with a reminder printed on it on which side to use. Tip: for pets and footprint you can also place the paper on the floor and get the person/pet to stand on it - much easier!  

Once you have made the print scan this into your computer and use a programme like Photoshop to clean up the image - making is crisp and clear. At this point reduce the size of the image to the size you wish to use into your PMC. Print out your crisp and reduced image onto acetate. Use The PMC Studio Photopolymer Kit to produce your re-usable stamp for the clay. The PMC Studio also sells photopolymer refills for further projects. 

by Helen PMC

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