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New - Aura 22K Gold Paste Posted on September 07, 2015

Aura 22K has been upgraded to make it easier to adhere to PMC and other types of silver. It now also comes with a small bottle of liquid to rehyrdate the gold paste should it dry out.

Aura consists of small particles of pure gold (91.6%) and pure silver (8.4%). This precious metal is able to fuse to silver at low temperatures resulting in a layer of gold considerably thicker than that achieved by electroplating. The result is a deep golden colour that is hardwearing.

Aura 22 can be used on any type of Precious Metal Clay, other types of silver metal clay, fine silver sheet and depletion gilded sterling silver sheet* (see instructions below.) Aura 22 is ideally suited for highly textured surfaces. A little goes a long way, with 1g typically sufficient to decorate 20-30 items.

Aura 22K Liquid

Each pack comes with a bottle of liquid carrier which can be added if the Aura 22 becomes dry. Simply add 1 or 2 drops, stir and leave to stand for several minutes. (Do not use too much as it affect the intensity of the colour.)


Aura 22 is a creamy paste that can be painted on.

1 - Fire the metal clay as usual. Leave in its white state. Do not polish/tumble or burnish. (If your item has already been fired reheat it for a short period so it returns to the white state.)

2 - Apply 2-3 even layers of Aura 22 with a paintbrush. Allow each layer to dry naturally for 20-30 minutes before applying the next one.


Kiln – preheat the kiln to 850C and fire for 10 minutes.

Keum Boo – Place the item on the hot plate and set to a medium/high heat. Once it has reached the correct temperature (where a wooden skewer starts to char) turn the heat down and burnish the gold with a burnisher.

Torch – Place the item on a torch block and heat until it starts to glow orange. Hold this for a few minutes to allow the Aura 22 to fuse.  


Polish by hand using a stainless steel brush and burnisher or place in a tumbler with stainless steel shot and tumbler soap. 

How to depletion gild sterling silver

Sterling silver needs to be prepared to create a fine silver surface for Aura 22 to adhere to. Heat the item using a torch or in a kiln until it turns a dark grey/black (This is fire scale). Quench in hot safety pickle or Picklean to remove the firescale. Repeat this process about 6 times until it no longer attracts fire scale and the surface remains white.

For best results, paint on layer of PMC3 silver paste before applying several layers of Aura 22 as described above.


Aura 22 contains a binder that burns off during the fusing process. The gasses released are not toxic but we recommend that you do not inhale them. Should you get Aura 22 on your skin or in your eyes rinse well with water.


by Helen O'Neill , under   aura  gold  pmc gold

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