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Lemon Geraniums Posted on March 14, 2014

If you have seen our Facebook Page you will have noticed that we are propagating our Lemon Geranium plant again. This hardy little plant has been going at least 5 years. Plant lovers will tell you that it is an ideal plant to keep in the bedroom during the summer as it wards off mosquitoes. At The PMC Studio we have other plans for our little saplings...

We have found that this plant makes the best painted silver leaves. No matter what size of leaf you want to make this plant will produce leaves to fit all sizes! Simple paste the back with 5-7 layers of PMC3 paste (the larger the leaf the more layers) and fire on the PMC Slow Programme (45mins at 600C) for perfect results. 

If live nearby or are passing us on the way to the Harry Potter Studios or Roald Dahl Museum, why not pop in and adopt one of our lovely saplings?

by Helen O'Neill , under   painted leaf  pmc leaf  silver leaf

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