Professional Butane Gas Torch for firing PMC precious metal clay

Butane gas torch with self ignition.

Features include; adjustable flame, electronic instant ignition, sturdy free standing base and large refillable butane tank. 1300 C adjustable flame. Flame adjustment from 12mm to 32mm. Working time about 60-90 minutes. Instructions included.

This torch is supplied without gas available from supermarkets and hardware stores. 

To fill the torch turn it upside down and press the nozzle of the gas onto the valve. The torch will fill automatically and you will feel the handle of the torch get cold. Once the torch is filled the gas will start to fill over. Stop filling,return the torch to the upright position and let the gas settle before use. 

Product Options £30.00, Exc VAT: £25.00

£30.00, Exc VAT: £25.00