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Helen Drye


Principal PMC Instructor

Location: UK, North-East


My silver clay journey...

I started working with traditional silver-smithing techniques before I started working with silver clay.  One day I saw someone with a beautiful silver pendant and was desperate to find out how she made it. That’s when I found out about silver clay! It was an amazing product with a whole range of creative possibilities.  I loved it!  I did a starter course and bought a kit.  After experimenting for a while, I started my own silver keepsake business in 2012.  I learnt to refine an polish my pieces of jewellery to a high shine finish and went on to develop my own designs.  Since then I became a PMC Instructor and love teaching silver clay.

 Favourite silver clay technique...

I love working with PMC Flex, and creating strips of ‘paper’ with them to create quills.  Just breathe on the silver clay Flex strips and they’ll be flexible enough to coil and quill with! The flexibility of PMC Flex provides lots of opportunities to create projects which are more unusual!

 What excites me most about silver clay...

Is that you can create something stunning from silver clay no matter what your level of experience!  You don’t need to be an expert, just want to have a play and create!

How to get in touch with Helen:



Address: Unit 2a, The Old Granary, Riccall Grange,

King Rudding Lane, Riccall, Yorkshire YO19 6QL

Phone: +44 7778 782467