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Carol Grant


PMC Instructor

Location: UK, South-East

My silver clay journey...

My background is in Fine Arts and after achieving a Masters Degree in Fine Art in 2000,   I went on to exhibit my work in galleries and shows in the UK and EU. I was introduced to traditional silversmithing in 2016 and love the process of creating unique pieces of work.  I then discovered silver clay through a jewellery friend and was amazed by the freedom and possibilities this medium presented.  I enrolled in a few short courses and was hooked!  I have since completed Camp PMC Certification Course, Camp PMC Course 101 and the Camp PMC Instructor Course 201.

 Favourite silver clay technique…

There are so many techniques, its hard to pick a favourite but I do love making lentil bead pendants and incorporating gold into my work with Keum Boo.

What excites me most about silver clay...

Silver clay is so versatile; natural textures such as a leaf or fingerprint can be preserved in silver.  The possibilities are endless which makes it so much fun to use!

How to get in touch with Carol:


Website: currently under construction

Address: Woking, Surrey, UK

Phone: +44 7719 499159