OFFER - Silicone Button Mould

Great value silicone mould featuring no less than 21 designs! Ideal for making metal clay or resin buttons. All moulds create holes ready for threading.

Rounded square buttons

Two rounded squares (2 holes):1.5cm x 1.5cm; Medium rounded square (4 holes): 2cm, Medium rounded square (2 holes): 2cm, Large rounded square (4 holes): 3cm x 3cm

Round buttons

Two small circles (2 holes):1.5cm, Two small circles (4 holes) 1.5cm, Medium circle (4 holes): 2cm, and Large Circle (4 holes): 3cm 

Flower buttons (8 petal)

Two small flowers (2 holes): 1.5cm, Medium flower (2 holes): 2cm and Large flower (2 holes) 3cm.


Two hearts (2 holes): 1.5cm

Three petal triangle

Two medium triangles (2 holes): 1.5cm

Two medium traingles (2 holes): 2cm

To use: Simply press the clay in the mould and press out straight away. Leave the item to dry on a piece of Teflon. Use a little Badger Balm (PMC) or olive oil (Copper/Bronze) to release the clay from the mould.

If using the same mould for PMC and Copper/Bronze - wash thoroughly between use with warm soapy water.


Product Options £5.40, Exc VAT: £4.50

£5.40, Exc VAT: £4.50