Ring Mandrel with Stand for PMC Metal Clay

Make any size ring with this ring mandrel. The sturdy stand is ideal for creating your rings in the wet state. Drying the ring on the mandrel also means your ring will stay in perfect shape. (The wooden mandrel can easily be removed from the stand should you need to do so.)

To use: Use a ringsizer to locate the size of the finished ring on your mandrel. Remove the ringsizer and place a ringstrip on the exact spot. Secure the ring strip with a piece of cellotape. Build your ring on the ring mandrel. Leave the ring to dry on the mandrel before removing it.

Note: NEVER use a stainless steel mandrel (usually used for sizing rings) with PMC as the chemical reaction will cause the PMC to turn black.

Product Options £19.80, Exc VAT: £16.50

£19.80, Exc VAT: £16.50