Precious Metal Clay 3 55.5g Fine Silver PMC3

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Precious Metal Clay 3 is a clay-like material that, once fired, can be hallmarked as fine silver (.999).

PMC3 is a good all round silver clay with a long working time, versatile (can be moulded, sculpted or carved) and ideal for mixed media (use it on its own or combine with glass, ceramics or gemstones). Its  strong fired strength makes it suitable for daily wear items including rings.

Firing: PMC only and with/out fireproof gems

Torch firing: heat until the binder has burnt off and time for 3 minutes (it should glow a pale, orange colour) Kiln firing: Fire at 800C for 30 minutes

Mixed Media firing: Fire in a kiln at 600C for 45 minutes. PMC3 Shrinks 10 per cent.

Clay weight: 55.5g, Fired silver weight 50g






Product Options £109.49, Exc VAT: £91.24

£109.49, Exc VAT: £91.24