Precious Metal Clay Plus Sheet 6x6cm 5.3g Fine Silver Pmc+

Precious Metal Clay Plus in thin sheet form is ideal for origami or creating small decorative components. It remains fully flexible and does not dry out. Fold or cut to shape using scissors or a paper punch. You can also draw any design on the sheet in pencil as this will be removed during firing. Thickness: 0.5mm. The clay weight is 5.3g and contains 5g of silver.

Torch firing: heat until the binder has burnt off and time for 5 minutes (it should glow a pale, orange colour) Kiln firing: Fire at 800C for 30 minutes. PMC+ shrinks 12% during firing.

Offer: FREE creative scissors with every sheet. (Patterns may vary.) 

Product Options £15.49, Exc VAT: £12.91

£15.49, Exc VAT: £12.91