Precious Metal Clay 22ct Gold 3.2g Pmc

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22ct Gold Precious Metal Clay consists of 24ct gold with a little silver added to create a beautiful, soft yellow gold. This soft clay is very easy to use in lump form or can be turned into paste by adding a little water. The clay weight is 3.2g and contains 3g of gold.

Tip: PMC 22ct Gold in paste form can be added to decorate any item of PMC + or PMC3. Simply paint a layer of PMC3 paste on the unfired silver item and follow by several thin coats of the gold paste. Leave to dry and fire with a torch for 7 minutes for best results.

Kiln firing: Fire at 900C for 10 minutes.





Product Options £264.00, Exc VAT: £220.00

£264.00, Exc VAT: £220.00