Prisme collection: Pearl Green (19)

Each pot contains 45 ml of metallic paint. Once applied the paint automatically creates a 'popcorn' effect. This paint can be applied straight from the pot. Stir the paint thoroughly and apply using a toothpick, paintbrush or dropper.

Leave the glaze to stand for 5 minutes so the colours can take effect. If you are not happy with the effect apply more paint or remove it with white spirit. Leave it to set for 12 hours when it will be touch dry. After 72 hours it should be dry to the core. 

This paint is suitable for fired PMC, Creative Copper and Bronze Clays, other metals, wood, ceramics, acetate, glass and canvas. For best results apply to a flat surface.

Product Options £4.10, Exc VAT: £3.42

£4.10, Exc VAT: £3.42