Mould for PMC precious metal clay - Hearts & Flowers

Easy to use, flexible mould containing two hearts (small and large size of the same design) and two flowers (small and large size of the same design.) Ideal for making matching charms and pendants. 

Hearts: Small (L)1.5cm x 1cm), Large (L) 3cm x 2cm

Flowers: Small (W) 2cm, Large (W) 3cm.

To use: Simply press the clay in the mould (slightly underfill the mould) and press out straight away. Leave the item to dry on a piece of Teflon. This mould may benefit from a release agent such as Badger Balm or olive oil when new.

If using the same mould for PMC and Copper/Bronze - wash thoroughly between use with warm soapy water.

Product Options £9.95, Exc VAT: £8.29

£9.95, Exc VAT: £8.29