Mould - Bits & Bobs (H2)

This easy to use, flexible mould contains four different designs. These use only a small amount of clay and are ideal for making earrings and charms. 

Small heart: (W) 1.2cm x (H) 1.3cm

Detailed heart: (W)1.7cm x (H) 2cm

Small floral button: 1.4 cm

Large floral button: 2.2cm

To use: Simply press the clay in the mould (slightly underfill the mould) and press out straight away. Leave the item to dry on a piece of Teflon. There is no need to use a release agent with this super flexible mould.


Product Options £10.74, Exc VAT: £8.95

£10.74, Exc VAT: £8.95