Extended PMC Certification – Module 2

Available: On scheduled dates and Monday- Sunday subject to studio availability

This module is offered on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis and is designed to address a different skill or approach. Combined, the modules provide a broad spectrum of skills for use with PMC for both personal and professional development. We believe in flexible learning. As such, our modular curriculum means you can complete any module, in any order, at any time and in any location on dates that are suitable to you. Each module takes 2 days to complete and consists of an intensive programme.

Module 2 - High finish

This module is about achieving a professional finish.
Learn the tricks of the trade to achieve this all of the time on all work.

  1. Japanese enamels - An introduction to using fine Japanese hot enamels.
  2. High shine mirror finish - Learn to polish your PMC so you can see your own reflection in your work.
  3. Ring with bezel setting - Create a silver bezel in PMC to create a setting for items that cannot be fired.
  4. Ceramics - Combine PMC Flex with bisque to create a beautiful solid decorated bead.
  5. Ceramics - Combine ready fired ceramics with PMC.
  6. Colour effects - Learn to create different finishes using liver of sulphur and platinol.

Please note the tuition fee includes all consumables and course notes. PMC clay is not included.

Product Options £360.00, Exc VAT: £300.00

£360.00, Exc VAT: £300.00