50% Off Enamels Bundle

Fancy adding some colour to your silver? These stunning transparent enamels have been specially selected for use on PMC by Japanes enamelling company Ninomiya. You will be able to add colour whilst enjoying the beauty of your silver.


Set of high quality Japanese Ninomiya enamels. Pre washed. 10 x 5g packs. Colours are medium transparent green, light transparent red purple, medium transparent orange, medium transparent red- colour of this will vary from a deep red to a brownish red, light transparent yellow, light transparent pink, light transparent turquoise, dark transparent blue, light transparent blue purple and a fondant which is used as a base coat for the pinks and reds.

Please note these enamels are leaded and need to be fired in a kiln. You can use the pre set PMC+ programme to fire your enamels.

Triangle shaped Corborundom Stone to remove excess enamel powder or grind fired silver.

Storage box (17cmx14cm) with 12 containers with transparent lids. The size of each container is 4cm.

Product Options £17.26, Exc VAT: £14.38

£17.26, Exc VAT: £14.38