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Creative Copper Clay


Creative Copper Clay is available in ready mixed packs that can be used without the need to mix or condition prior to use. It consists of fine Copper metal particles, an organic binder and water.

Creative Copper Copper is suitable for jewllery making and will not turn green when worn.

It can be moulded, sculpted, cut, stamped and textured in its wet state with simple hand tools. Once thoroughly dried, it can be fired with a hand held butane gas torch or in a programmable kiln. Any firescale is easily removed with a safe pickling solution. Either firing methods result in a minimal shrinkage of only 6%-8%.

Creative Copper is available in:

  • 20g
  • 50g
  • 100g
  • Pre-loaded syringe with 10g

All products are also available in the above sizes in Bronze.

All Creative Clay products are nickel free.

Creative Copper Syringe

The Syringe is ideal for creating filigree design. It is best used either without a tip or with the largest tip included in the pack. To make sure your pieces created using a syringe stand the test of time we recommend you keep them to at least 2mm in thickness.

All products are water based - clean tools and equipment using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

Creative Metal Paste

Creative Copper Clay does not come in a pre-made paste as it is easy to make yourself. Simply add some tap water and mix to the density of custard.

Picklean- revolutionising safety pickle

Picklean is a revolutionary new safety pickle. Made from 100% non-toxic materials this safety pickle really is safe to use and will not burn your skin or clothes.

How to use Picklean

Mix 1 tablespoon of Picklean granules with 200ml of warm/hot water. Place the copper bronze piece into the solution immediately after quenching and leave in the solution for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the piece from the solution and brush with a brass or stainless steel brush (dependent on metal component). To remove stubborn fire-scale and achieve a high shine finish, place your pieces in a tumbler barrel with mixed stainless steel shot. Add half a tablespoon of Picklean granules and top up the barrel with warm water. The water should cover the shot and be approximately 1cm in depth. Picklean can also be used to remove firescale from traditonal silver after soldering.


Picklean can be poured straight down any normal drain as it is bio-degradeable and non-toxic.

Essential Copper Clay Starter Kit

If your looking for the complete conversion kit to get you started with copper clay. Then look no further than this wonderfully presented kit. Includes: 20g Copper Clay, 10g Copper Syringe, Olive Oil spray bottle, 150g Picklean granules and a Brass Brush.