Bisque Beads for Precious Metal Clay - Large barrel bead

Barrel shaped bisque bead. Size: (L) 4cm x (W) 1.8cm.

Ideal for making a bead with a bit of weight. There is a 2mm hole running from left to right. This makes it suitable for threading onto a necklace cord or chain.

Prepare by gently sanding the bead. Coat with 6-8 thin layers of PMC3 paste. (Leave to dry in between coats.) Decorate with PMC Sheet and/or (syringe) clay.

Fire in a kiln on the PMC Slow Programme (600C/45mins).

No kiln? Use our Kiln Firing Service and we will fire and polish your bead.  


Product Options £2.95, Exc VAT: £2.46

£2.95, Exc VAT: £2.46