Precious Metal Clay Basic Starter Kit with PMC3 7g silver

This kit contains all the essentials to create several fine silver pendants. Follow the simple step by step user guide to create your first piece of fine silver jewellery. Then post it back to us with the kiln firing voucher included and we will kiln fire and tumble polish your piece for you. If you wish to fire your item yourself and polish it at home please take a look at the 'PMC Super Starter Kit'.

Starter Kit Contents: pack of PMC3 (6.3g), Badger Balm, Paintbrush, PMC Work Mat, Teflon Sheet, Bits & Bobs Mould H1, Sandpaper, Basic Hand Drill, 2 Jump Rings, Necklace Cord, Kiln Firing Voucher and return postage. Please not the Kiln Firing Voucher is valid in the UK only.

Product Options £60.00, Exc VAT: £50.00

£60.00, Exc VAT: £50.00