Precious Metal Clay Hand & Foot printing kit

This kit contains one inkless wipe and two sheets of A4 reactive printing paper. Is designed to take several prints from either a foot, hand or paw. The wipe contains colourless ink (sometimes pale yellow) which reacts with the paper to produce a black print which can then be used to create a photopolymer stamp for metal clay.

The kit is designed to take 2-3 child or animal sized imprints. More than one kit may be required for a larger number or size of imprint. Although the inkless wipe is inkless, there will be some residue after the hand/foot has made contact with the specially coated paper, the hand/foot can be easily washed clean with soap and water.

Full instructions included

Product Options £6.95, Exc VAT: £5.79

£6.95, Exc VAT: £5.79