Precious Metal Clay Fingerprint Kit with PMC3 9g silver

Complete PMC Fingerprinting kit.

Contents: 2 x PMC3 5.6g packs, 2 spacers (to create the right thickness of the clay), roller, paintbrush, work mat, straw (for making a hole), circle cutter, sandpaper, pencil (for writing inscription before carving), needle tool (for carving inscription), self-ignition torch (for firing), torch block, stainless steel brush (for polishing after firing), metal burnisher (for high shine finish after firing), silver polishing cloth, liver of sulphur (to highlight the fingerprint), tweezers, 2 jump rings and necklace cord, instructions.

Product Options £114.90, Exc VAT: £95.75

£114.90, Exc VAT: £95.75